An Act in Self-Love

You are your own worst critic.
It’s always the truth.
I know this to personally be true.
Practicing self-love and self-care, especially during the most stressful time of the year for most people (the holidays) is absolutely critical.
So, I have a little game that I would LOVE for you to play along with…
Over the next 5 days, I want you to give a new answer for each of the following:
·     What I love about how I look is _____________________.·     What I love about who I am is ______________________.·     What I love most about my life is ____________________.·     What I love about my mind is _______________________.·     What I love about my life’s lessons so far is ____________. That’s it.
Every day for the next 5 days write a new answer to fill in the blank. After 5 days, go back and read through the list you’ve created and let me know how it strikes you.
In the meantime, go ahead and get started on day 1 and reply to this email/post in the comments below what your answers are so I can celebrate the amazing person you are.

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