Alicia Puckey

I was in an accident several years ago which has resulted in multiple surgeries to my knee. After my surgeries I got very depressed and looked at all the things that I could not do anymore. Then I started doing Pilates and it changed everything! Now I look at all the things I CAN do and want to help everyone that I can to also live a happier and healthier life.

I want anyone who has felt like this to get out of the same spot I was in. I learned that with Pilates my knee issues could not stop me or slow me down. I don’t need pain meds anymore because I’ve figured out the power of movement and how it heals the body.

I love that I can teach people that injuries are not the end of their abilities. I can teach them that movement heals and to never give up. If I can do it then so can anyone else. The sky is the limit when you reach past your fears and discover all that you CAN do!