Every one of our students that wants to take classes starts with a Foundations class. Pilates is a progressive exercise, meaning that without the basics the more advanced exercises become less effective. I like to compare Pilates to learning how to swim. If you’ve never been in a pool before then it would be ineffective to simply throw you in the deep end and tell you to swim! Instead, you learn to swim by first sticking your face in the water and blowing bubbles, learning to kick your feet and learning to float.

With Pilates we begin by teaching you the Basic Principles. We focus on breathing most of all but also on alignment and movement of the pelvis, ribs, shoulder blades and the head. We teach you to control your movements with precision and coordination by starting to listen and feel the cues your body sends you as you move. Learning to feel muscles working instead of simply moving and not understanding how you got there are key in Pilates. Exercises become more difficult as we layer in more. Starting from controlling the core we then add more coordination, precision and balance to the exercises to challenge you from the inside out.

We focus on posture and how what you learn in class transfers to everyday life. Do you sit at a desk all day? You can apply the principles you learn in Pilates to ease the stress of sitting. Do you have back pain? You can use the exercises you learn in Foundations to ease that pain with daily practice in only a few minutes a day.

Your first few classes will feel as if they move slowly. There is a lot of brain work over the first few days as you figure out how to engage muscles that you never knew you had. Be patient with yourself. Ask lots of questions. We’ll be asking you if you feel things working so give us feedback. If you can’t feel muscles working right away that’s perfectly normal. Everyone learns differently so knowing that you can’t feel something yet gives us an opportunity to teach it differently and give you multiple tools to harness your core strength.

Foundations is an introduction to Pilates but we also give you an opportunity to try the equipment (such as the Reformer, Tower, Chair and MOTR) and sample some of our Bodyweight Circuit. Foundations lets us get to know you better. We want to understand your long term goals and watch you progress so we can recommend the best steps for you as an individual to reach your goals.

Your first class includes a tour of the studio. It’s our home away from home so please make yourself comfortable. We love questions so don’t ever hesitate to ask! We supply absolutely everything you need. Simply bring yourself, wear comfortable workout clothes, a pair of socks and a bottle of water (hydration is important). We hope you love your first class as much as we love teaching it to you!

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