As a Pilates instructor at To The Core we have a minimum standard of practice. This means that all our instructors have a diploma or degree in fitness and have chosen to increase their knowledge and methods to help clients through Pilates courses and practice. In terms of time commitment this is a huge undertaking. What does it take to become an instructor at To The Core Pilates?

All our instructors have already undergone 2 years of college, 4 years of university or have completed education to be an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist). Basically, they have extensive knowledge when it comes to anatomy, physiology, movement mechanics and exercise prescription for all different segments of the population. They’re trained to work with other health professionals including physicians, chiropractors, physios and massage therapists to create exercise suitable for the individual. They are trained specifically to treat each client based on their unique health issues and reach out to other health professionals when needed to supplement the knowledge.

Once they have begun their Pilates training they undergo 60 hours of training simply to complete the Matwork portion of their studies. This is followed by self-practice, observation (observing a Certified Instructor teach), and apprentice teaching hours. In all, to qualify to write the first exam they will complete at least 100 hours of additional learning time. Equipment courses require additional training, teaching hours and observation. By the time an instructor is done all of their training to become fully certified they will have logged over 750 hours of time and many years perfecting their skills.

Our two apprentices are now booking appointments for their teaching hours. All clients benefit from this time with an apprentice, and since you have an apprentice teacher, the private session is at a discounted price! If you’ve never tried Pilates it is the perfect time to try a few private or semi-private sessions at a discounted price. Learn how Pilates can improve your aches and pains, make you stronger, improve your flexibility and enhance your mobility. For existing students it is an opportunity to work one on one with an instructor to build on and master your practice. If you’ve never done privates, it is the perfect time to take advantage and add that extra workout to your week or go more in depth into the exercises to increase their effectiveness for you!

to the core logoLearning to teach, like Pilates, is a process. We learn daily how to cue better, see tiny shifts in bodies, notice the details of movements and create amazing relationships with all our clients. It takes years to become a master instructor but under all the education and practice is an instructor with a deep passion to help others improve their quality of life and health.

Call or email us today to schedule your apprentice session with Liette or Allana. See your body change. Feel your body heal. Watch your body perform.

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