As I look back over the past year it’s like I don’t even know where to start. So many changes in such a short amount of time. It’s been an exciting ride and I’m thrilled with the outcomes of all the hard work. Mostly, I am delighted that all the challenges have resulted in our ability to help more people with their wellness journey and that we’re improving the quality of life of each person that steps through our doors.

Last March we renovated the studio. It was a big undertaking but the result was a beautiful and relaxing space that simply seemed to calm everyone the moment they walked in – myself included. The studio has always been my third home (behind my home and cabin of course!) so these renovations made the studio brighter and more welcoming than ever before.

It had gotten so busy in the studio that I was losing out on a lot of personal time and time with my family. It was time to hire some help. I decided to change how and who I would hire to uphold the high standards that I have set not only for myself but for my clients as well. You all deserve knowledgeable and well trained instructors.

All our instructors are now required to have a Personal Training Diploma (2 years college), a Kinesiology Degree or be an RMT. We had a wonderful intern (Kiera) last summer that has now continued with her physiotherapy degree in Saskatoon. She has inspired us to work on an intern program which will allow other Kin students to experience other options available with their degrees. I next added Shalane who has been an absolute godsend and is loved by everyone. She’s worked so hard over the past 8 months to be a phenomenal instructor and leader. Liette started in January and is learning quickly and brings a quieter approach to her teaching (she’s not as mean as I am apparently). Lastly, Allana has joined our little crew. From Australia, Allana has a unique skill set of being an RMT and a clinical pilates instructor. I’m excited for everyone to see and meet my new team. (If you’d like to learn more about our instructors please visit our website.

Last September we added nutrition coaching to our clients for the first time. As a Personal Trainer I’ve always offered this but never as an organized program. Our clients have loved it and seen spectacular results. I couldn’t be more proud of each person who has taken part. We are in the process of adding a 30 Day Wellness Challenge as well as we work to inspire those around us to increase their confidence, diminish pain, eat better, find time for themselves and love the bodies that they’re in!

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