tothecore.ca // Nutrition CoachingI love food! I always have. In fact, my husband often laughs at me as I happy dance in my seat while eating a great meal! It wasn’t always this way. For a long time I was incredibly stressed and unlike most people, when I’m stressed I don’t eat! I’d work out hard and eat 2 chocolate bars a day just to keep my energy levels up. I made poor nutritional choices and it didn’t show up in my physique but it did show up in other areas of my health. I was tired (exhausted really), didn’t sleep well, my endometriosis symptoms were terrible, I had fluctuating blood sugar, tons of migraines and I needed a nap every afternoon.

picture of breakfast, an example of one of the meaels we recommend when we coach nutritionWhen I trained for my Personal Trainer Diploma, I began to learn more about the importance of ensuring we eat a wide range of different foods to get a variety of nutrients. I watched as clients in the facilities I worked in put in a ton of work but didn’t see the results they wanted. I knew nutrition was important but the absolute importance of it had not quite sunk in yet.

There are a lot of very strict diets out there. I’ve tried quite a few of them. Mostly to see what they were like and to experience it before recommending it to a client. I’ve always felt that the strict diets promoted by people with good intentions often created even more myths and poor eating choices. Many diets are specific to athletes who train every day in order to achieve performance at a professional level.

My clients are busy people with many daily commitments. Some are parents, some are grandparents, they often have multiple children to run to many activities and some are self employed…you get the idea. My clients are ordinary people with everyday challenges – just like you. My nutrition coaching has to be flexible enough to adapt to my clients’ different daily demands. My advice needs to be tailored to each person as an individual.

So many diet plans I research are a “Template” which is applied to everyone. You’re given a list of “rules” which everyone follows. These diets often require cutting out food groups, taking supplements, detoxing or preparing separate meals for the rest of the family. Whilst this may work for a short period of time, in my experience (and I’ve tried many of them in the past!) they are not sustainable long term.

I’ve always felt very strongly that only concentrating on the food we eat, or in reality focusing on which foods need to be cut out, is not the whole story. I believe it’s important to gain an understanding of WHY we’ve not been successful in achieving our goals previously. I also believe that when our focus is on what we can’t have we set ourselves up for failure. Who really wants to be told they can’t have things for the rest of their life to maintain results?

When I looked at the various nutrition training courses available to me, they all focused on the food and not the other aspects I felt were important – our mindset, our previous diet experiences (both negative and positive), our upbringing and values, our likes and dislikes, our stress levels, our stage of life, our budget (or lack of), our cookery skills (or lack of), our cultural identity and of course the big one…WHY are we dieting in the first place?!

A friend of mine shared my feelings on the subject and introduced me to Precision Nutrition. I began to read their Blogs and regularly found myself nodding, agreeing and often exclaiming out loud “YES! Exactly!” in the middle of reading! At last I had found my kindred spirits.

Last year I completed the Precision Nutrition level 1 Coaching Certificate and I have been truly excited about the knowledge I’ve gained. The course covers both Nutrition Science (all of the theory – how the body works in terms of digesting, absorbing and metabolizing the food we eat) and the Coaching skills (how to motivate, explain, inspire, guide and educate our clients). Putting my training into practice with my clients is achieving great results, not only in terms of weight and inches lost, but in frequent “a-ha!” moments when clients achieve a moment of clarity which unlocks a whole phase of progress.

My Nutrition Coaching clients agree:

“As for losing weight, that’s seen very much as a by-product of changing your mindset to food. I’ve changed my diet only a little in what I eat, but I have changed massively how much I eat and most importantly why I eat. In the last 6 months I’ve lost over 25lbs, I’ve not gone hungry or felt deprived or been judged for the things I’ve got wrong in the past or the things I’m still getting wrong! My outlook to the future is better, my stress lower and my clothes looser.” Peter H

“More importantly, one learns about nutrition – invaluable information never forgotten.” Heather P

Why I became a Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition:
• Recognizing that addressing food alone is not the answer.
• Encouraging clients to experiment and find what works best for them.
• Providing clients with an environment where there is no “right or wrong” answer and no “good or bad” foods.

If you’d like to know more about my Nutrition Coaching service, please visit Nutrition for Life link on my website.

Alternatively, if you’d like to arrange a chat to discuss your situation and how I can help you please email office@tothecore.ca or call 780-808-4144.

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