The simplest answer is ASAP (as soon as possible). The sooner you begin Pilates, the sooner you will start seeing the benefits of Pilates. Our Pilates Foundations course starts November 14. This is a 4 week, 2x a week course that will introduce you to the Pilates Principles of movement. This class is required for all new students at To The Core Pilates before attending other small group classes.

If you are trying to meet your wellness goals, and live life to the fullest without physical restrictions — this is the class for you. It’s a great for people trying to stop back pain, get over an injury (or surgery) and is designed for beginners, or people that have been in for therapeutic Pilates sessions and want to get into regular Pilates classes.

If you’re like I was, you’re wondering if you can do the exercises and keep up with the class. The great part of Pilates is that you can do the exercises, at your working level. Your instructor will give you options that allow you to perform the exercises, and help you gain confidence, balance and mobility! With me — the most exciting part of Pilates is the ability to see progress in my body in how I move thru the Pilates exercises.

If you’re still not sure if this class is for you, feel free to call the studio, and talk to Donna about your specific condition.

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