One of the biggest challenges people face around change is that they know what they’d like to accomplish but don’t understand the steps to getting there.
We can feel momentary motivation and excitement over the possibility, but often, it’s followed by fear and overwhelm. You see, if you have a big dream or goal, getting there can feel overwhelming and even scary.
Whether it’s losing 100 pounds, starting a business, or even just getting yourself off of a medication, the long road is what sets so many people back or off track.
So, here’s the roadmap to follow:
Dream – Goal – Plan – Action
Simply put:
1.    Write down the dream to turn it into a goal.
2.    Break the goal into a step by step process for how to turn the goal to reality (create a plan).
3.    Then, turn the plan into daily or weekly action steps that move you forward and that you can stay accountable to
This is simple but not easy. It requires focus and discipline, but you truly can accomplish any goal you might have in any area of your life.
Don’t believe me?
I love the fact that Pilates is low impact and that I am physically so much stronger. When I started I was falling down stairs due to decreased muscle tone in my legs. Emotionally I love that Donna is able to have me smiling and happier by the time my session is done. My goal was to be physically and mentally stronger and I’ve achieved both. Not only have I increased strength in my arms, legs and stomach but my lower back and shoulder pain has improved substantially. I’m now able to run down stairs, my balance has improved and I’ve formed some amazing friendships along the way. I noticed a difference in only a few short weeks. Overall this has been a learning experience that I carry with me in day to day activities and to help me through stressful times.
If you’re interested in getting results like Deb,  let us know.
And be sure to share with us your big dream so we can help you make it happen!November 2018 Image 3
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