Let’s just be honest for a minute.


What do you think when you see someone that is overweight?

  • They need to go on a diet
  • They need to exercise
  • That is so unhealthy
  • If she ate better she wouldn’t be so big
  • If he didn’t eat so much he’d be smaller

What do you think when you see someone that is skinny?

  • I wish I looked like him
  • She’s so lucky to be skinny
  • I’m so jealous
  • She should eat more


Did you know that someone who is skinny can be less healthy than someone that is overweight?  Did you know that you can’t tell how healthy someone is by the size of their body?  Did you know that 70% of your health is determined by your genetics and that you can have an impact on them with your fitness and nutrition choices but that everyone has a predetermined set weight that they are more likely to be at?


You can’t really tell anything from the package on the outside.  You can’t tell what their blood pressure, blood profile, cholesterol, body fat, heart rate, kidney function, etc are from the size of a body.


The reality:

Body size is not a reflection of health.  In fact, many slender people are more unhealthy than their overweight counterparts and have a higher body fat percentage!

Regardless of size, people who have their nutrition balanced, their exercise routine in place consistently, don’t smoke and don’t consume alcohol are equally healthy.


I encourage you to judge others less.  You don’t know anything about them from the package you see.


I also encourage you to start looking at your own health from a different perspective.  Your energy, sleep patterns, blood work results and movement quality are so much more important than the number you see on a scale.


It is only when we shift this perspective that we can truly see consistent improvement in our health.  Eat to be healthy, not skinny.  Exercise for the pure joy of movement instead of for weight loss.


If this resonates with you please let us know.  We’d love to hear what you think!


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