The best analogy I have ever heard about the diet industry is this:

You’re getting ready to go on a trip, so you go online to book a flight.  There’s a disclaimer on the bottom that says “95% of our flights crash and do not make it to their destination”.  Do you buy the ticket?


This is the diet industry.  A 95% failure rate.  Disclaimers all over every site.  But we still buy the junk they sell!  Why?  We have bought in to the fact that we absolutely need to diet to be healthy.

We try one.  We lose a lot of weight quickly.  We fall off the wagon.  Guilt sets in.  We binge and say to hell with it.  We gain the weight back.  We got back to another diet convinced that it worked because we lost weight and we just lacked self-control and will power. In reality it didn’t work, and you are not the problem – the diet is!

I’d be happier if we ditched the word “diet” completely.


Eat this, not that.

Do more cardio

Cut the carbs

Do keto

Drink kombucha

Fruit is bad for you

Sugar must be avoided!


No wonder we’re all confused!


I could go on and on, but the fact is that they are all myths!  Many are disguised as healthy.   They sound feasible and legitimate.  They put you in a box and treat you exactly the same as everyone else – and you’re not!

The bottom line is that it’s all messaging created to make us feel bad about ourselves so that we will contribute to the over 1-billion-dollar diet industry.  The industry that continues to market to us with scare tactics, playing on our emotions and even using our friends and families to convince us that their product is the best and the only real solution to our issues.  Everything that you read about diet has a grain of truth.  The problem is that they take that truth and then twist it to sell you a product or make you feel unworthy just the way you are.

The diet industry is brilliant though.  Now they are talking about “wellness” and “lifestyle” instead of diet to cover up what they really are.  If you are cutting out food groups, eating less than 1000 calories a day or taking supplements because they are “the key to success long term” then you are on a diet. They use doctors, nutrition coaches, nurses, nutritionists and other “professionals” to promote their products so that they are more convincing.  Who doesn’t believe a doctor’s opinion?

Every diet wants us to change.  To be smaller.  Take up less space.  Eat less.  Workout more.  Shrink yourself to be healthy.


The truth:

Diets won’t make you healthy.  Healthy eating habits consistently make you healthy.

You don’t need a ton of supplements.  If you eat a balanced diet you will get enough of what your body needs.

Your friends may be very well meaning and love you, but they are not nutrition experts.  They only know what the company they sell for has told them.

Your body is not your friends’ body.  What worked for her may not work for you.  A plan needs to be individualized for long term results.

If you’re tired of the diet industry and want off the diet rollercoaster give us a call at 780-808-4144 or contact us at http://tothecore.ca/nutrition-coaching/.  We’ll help you establish a non-diet approach to your health and how you look at food!



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