I don’t know about you, but for me 2018 went by faster than any other year! Some of the highlights for me personally were:

• Focusing on myself instead of my business and taking a close look at my values and desires for what I truly want my life to look like. I did this by hiring a coach. Yes, the coach needs a coach too!

• Hosting a mat work training at the studio this past summer and adding new instructors to our team to better serve you! Our Pilates family is an important community for social interaction, learning and growing and I can’t wait to learn and grow with you in 2019!

• Figuring out what self care looks like to me and then being able to share my lessons with you! Self care isn’t about bubble baths and getting our nails done. It’s the much deeper work to truly find out what makes us joyful and fulfilled. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my journey with you in the coming year!

I always like to spend time at the end of the year reflecting. Did I achieve my goals? What worked well? What didn’t work for me? What do I want to accomplish in the next year? I’d absolutely encourage you to do the same!

You see, it’s not about New Year’s Resolutions for me. Here’s why…

We all know that resolutions are practically made for abandonment. It’s less than 10% of people who set a resolution that actually keep it. I believe that if you want to make a change and create a different reality for yourself in any area of your life, change must start NOW. Not Monday, not January 1 – but right now. And I’d love for you to reflect on this…

Imagine your life 1 year from now. What if everything in your life is EXACTLY the same as it is right now – your work, relationships, how you spend your time, your finances, etc. If nothing changed from how it is today, how would that make you feel? For most people, even though they’re happy on the surface level, not growing over the years leads to unhappiness or even feelings of failure.

You see, one of our needs as humans on a spiritual level is GROWTH. And you’ve probably heard the phrase “If you’re not growing you’re dying.” So, how would you feel if nothing changed? The thing is…I know that you, me, and everyone in this world is meant for even more.

I’d LOVE for you to share your thoughts with me! And if you’re stressed, overwhelmed, or even depressed by the thought of being in exactly in the same place you are today 1 year from now, what can you change today to make the future different?

The future always starts with today, with now. Don’t put off change and growth! And obviously, there’s no better time to create change than as we move into a New Year. 🙂 I want you to know that I’m here to support you however I can in 2019 and beyond.

So, Happy New Year to you! Let’s make 2019 a year like no other!

PS – February 4 marks the launch of our Nutrition Freedom Program. If you’re ready to take the next step in your wellness journey this is your best step moving forward.
If you’d like to quit punishing yourself with crazy workouts to counteract poor food choices, create new habits that will last a lifetime, feel comfortable eating in social situations and rid yourself of the shame and guilt associated with typical diet plans then this program is for you. Check out this link for more information:

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