We love hearing from our past and present clients. Their transformations are incredible. Here are just a few…

I practice Pilates at To The Core to improve my core strength in a non-injurious environment. Mentally, I feel more relaxed and better able to cope with the challenges each day brings. Physically, I am able to complete/perform activities that I could not do 2 years ago. Overall my experience at To The Core has been life changing and this is the best I’ve felt physically and mentally in many years!


I practice Pilates for healthy aging, strength, mobility, flexibility, and to overcome knee and back injuries. It fits into my lifestyle easily and is a good workout but doesn’t leave me sweaty and worn out. The biggest surprise in changes I noticed was the mental and emotional benefits- so much more positive now. I’ve come so far with knee/ankle/foot mobility as well as back/shoulder strength and flexibility. It’s so exciting when I realize I can do something I couldn’t before. To The Core has helped me reach my goals because the workouts are low impact and great modifications as needed. I trust Donna’s knowledge and experience to prevent injury and make improvements. Strangers even stop me and ask what I do to look so strong! This Pilates experience has been life altering and will be a lifelong practice for me. I like that I look better, but I LOVE that I move better and feel fantastic. Every day I look forward to my house where I turn off my busy brain and focus and breathe and feel my body move in a strong, controlled, way.


I do Pilates to take time for myself, strengthen my body, help cope with pain in hips and spine, to improve concentration, reduce stress, and improve my balance. I have learned so much about my body and how it works and knowing what to do to help alleviate pain in specific areas. The personal and detailed instruction for each individual problem is extremely helpful. My physical strength has improved beyond my imagination, which has enabled me to do things that I was incapable of doing before starting Pilates. Pain has been reduced, and my balance has improved. The studio atmosphere was friendly, happy, and inviting, but professional at the same time. Doing Pilates was the best thing I have done in my lifetime for myself.


Donna is good to work with, she analyzes what areas you personally need to work on and structures accordingly. My back gave me troubles for almost 10 years- with regular workouts the back pain is virtually non-existent. To The Core has helped me reach my goals by giving me great workout routines and also routines for when I travel, and someone to keep me accountable.


I practice Pilates because I’m working to overcome the issues that result from a crooked spine. I’ve learned a lot about my own body and how I can worth with or around the issues that I have. I have noticed improvement in posture, less pain, new muscles, compliments, and it gives me motivation for the other physical activities I undertake. My massage therapist and chiropractor have both commented on improved alignment and muscle tone. Pilates is part of a package for me as it helps me do the other activities I enjoy- gardening, walking, swimming.


I practice Pilates at To The Core because of Donna. She makes you feel welcomed and is genuinely interested in all of her clients. Since starting Pilates I have noticed how much stronger my core is and I have completely changed my lifestyle/nutrition. My husband has noticed that it’s the only activity I have been able to stick with. To The Core is very welcoming and a judgement free zone. The best thing to come out of this for me is the change in my strength and endurance as well as enjoying working out without worrying about who might be judging me.”