One of the major differences I see between chronically fit people and those who aren’t is that fit people have developed something I call “quality habits.”
A healthy person has typically developed enough discipline over time to make the choices that best serve them and their goals regularly, which is what allows them to stay healthy.
For example, a person with quality habits can choose water over soda with lunch. They can drive by fast food restaurants and not be tempted to pull over. They can say no to dessert most of the time without a second thought.
Are quality habits easy to develop? Well, honestly, no. But they absolutely can be developed with consistent commitment over time.
Perhaps you work on developing your quality habits first with creating rules and parameters to slowly change your current habits.
It could be:
·      Limiting soda to 1x/day if you normally drink 3
·      Eating out only 2x/week instead of 4 times
·      Moving 2x/week consistently rather than not at all
There are no hard and fast rules around how to develop quality habits, it’s simply about doing what works for you and changing one thing at a time to ensure success.
So, how will you start to develop your quality habits?
Need help? Give us a call and we’ll guide you on the path to quality habits.reformer111
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