Personal Training at To The Core Pilates Studio Will Help You Reach Your Health And Fitness Goals!

If you are looking for that extra push to get you motivated and working hard on your fitness, then To The Core Pilates Studio is the place for you. Our personal training program is unlike any other, and will provide you with guided support and motivation to meet your fitness goals. We specialize in many injury groups including post rehab for hip and knee replacements, scoliosis clients as well as back pain. As always, our focus is on form and ensuring you’re not only doing the exercises properly but getting the most out of them. After all, shorter reps with better form gets you better results faster!

We know that going to a crowded gym can be intimidating, but we guarantee you will experience a safe and friendly environment at To The Core Pilates Studio. Our instructors are dedicated to your success, and will provide tailored workout routines, nutrition coaching, and accountability to ensure you’re not only meeting your goals, but exceeding them.

Experience Long Term Health and Fitness Changes With Personal Training

At To The Core Pilates, lasting results is our goal! Through our personal training program you’ll exercise in ways that are meant to shape your lifestyle instead of provide a quick fix. All fitness levels and ages are welcome! Whether you are already avid about your health and fitness or a first timer, all are encouraged to enroll!

The benefits of personal training at To The Core are endless. You will not only feel a physical transformation, but you will also see a significant difference in your mental and social health. Below are just a few of the added benefits of personal training:

  1. Increased self-confidence and esteem
  2. Decrease in stress levels
  3. Muscle tone and definition
  4. Improved focus and concentration
  5. You will experience a tight-knit community
  6. And so much more!


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