When I was 17 my Dad was diagnosed with Chronic Progressive MS. He went downhill very quickly and passed away at the age of 62 – 11 years ago this past December. I’ll never forget one of our last conversations as it firmly set me on the path and passion I pursue each day. Through the progression of his disease, the greatest loss for my Dad was his quality of life. Having to rely on others to do the simplest of tasks while he looked on helplessly. He hoped I would never know that same helplessness as someone fed, dressed, bathed and looked after my every need as if I were an infant. Helping others improve their quality of life became my mission. I’ve discovered this is such an individual need but we all have some basic things in common. We want to live well, be healthy, be happy, move well and be pain free.

For some of my clients this has meant being able to bend over to put on their socks. For others, it was standing up tall again after years of being slouched and in pain. For many, it has been alleviating back pain so they can simply enjoy life every day and play with their kids.

The saddest words I ever hear from clients are “I wish I had known about your studio sooner”. We’re working hard to change that!

I’d love to see more people starting to look after their health before they have pain and before their quality of life begins to decline. Unfortunately, many wait until they are “broken”.

My why is to help people listen to their bodies now instead of later. That constant pain in your knee is telling you something. Feeling exhausted every day instead of being energetic is your body trying to tell you something.
My why is to help people eat real food to heal themselves instead of relying on pills and powders and magic in a box. The constant on and off again of a program is an indication that your eating plan doesn’t work for you.
My why is to improve quality of life of every client at my studio so they can play with their kids, get down on the floor with grandkids, dance, jump, eat meals guilt free, tie their shoes without pain, love themselves the way they are and enjoy every moment of the life they’ve been given.
Why do I do what I do? I think deep down, at the root of it all, is the knowledge that I couldn’t help my Dad but that I can use my talents, passion and knowledge to help someone else!

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