I was born in Melville, Saskatchewan but raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I moved to Lloydminster in 1990 because most of my family lives in St. Walburg. I’ve met my husband here, gave birth to three children and have watched this small town blossom into a city.

My family is my life. My oldest is now 20, my daughter is 14 and my youngest will be 12 very shortly. They’ve grown so fast! I love watching my oldest blossom into an independent and multi-talented young man. Many of my weekends are spent watching my youngest play soccer. I love his passion and watching him grow as a leader within his peers. I love watching my daughter discover who she is and what she loves. She too is a leader and is discovering her love of drama and the arts.

My business was started around my family and they have always been a huge part of it. My youngest kids spent a ton of time in my studio before they went to school and my daughter now comes to take classes twice a week. It truly is a family business with my husband helping me with renovations and my oldest son with computer work when I’m ready to throw the computer across the room.

In my spare time I read – a lot! I love to learn new things. I read for pleasure to simply shut off my brain. I read for self improvement and I read to increase my knowledge about movement, anatomy and to help my clients on a day to day basis. Although my specialties are Pilates, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching, I implement many other disciplines as I assess and individualize programs.

Twenty years ago my weight fluctuated through injuries, poor nutrition choices and the ancient idea of “no pain, no gain”. This had actually put me in a health crisis. I couldn’t get past the injuries and started working out harder to “fix” myself. I tried to maintain a lower calorie diet to balance out the calories in vs calories out and simply made myself weaker. I did lose weight but I definitely wasn’t healthy. I had a six pack but I was sick all the time, tired and started to dread working out or cooking meals. My first pregnancy was actually my saving grace. I couldn’t work out due to complications and I gained 60 pounds! I needed to find a new way to move, eat and be healthy. My fitness journey had truly begun!

I started to learn. Initially it was to help myself but it quickly grew to helping others. As a single parent I worked full time and completed my Personal Trainer Diploma from Mount Royal College in under two years. I worked in a fitness facility and soon came to realize that the fitness myths out there were incredibly toxic for people. No pain, no gain – eat less to lose weight – eliminate this food group – the doctor says I should weigh xxx – my BMI says I’m obese – were only a few of them. To top it off I was seeing more and more people with injuries, back pain or chronic issues that I wasn’t quite prepared for. While I couldn’t change everyone’s perception of exercise I could change my own and I could work with those people of the same mindset and goals. My research sent me to Pilates and that’s where I found my true passion.

My Pilates journey started 11 years ago. I was looking for something that would “fix” many of the issues I was seeing in the gym on a daily basis. Why weren’t people getting the results they should? The premise of mindful movement and focus on breath intriqued me and I needed to learn more. My training changed how I taught, it changed what I looked for in movement and it improved my clients’ results. The changes were so drastic and the demand so high that I quickly expanded from only a few classes a week to an entire studio. We have now been in the same location for 9 years and I have clients who have been with me for 11 years – since the beginning of this journey! I love these people as they are now members of my extended family. I often say that my clients are my Pilates family but I don’t think many of them understand how true that is. I am witness to the joys, pains, sorrows, trials and errors, emotional and physical journeys of some truly amazing people. I am truly blessed to be a part of their wellness journey and gladly welcome people who are inspired to become healthier into our family.

My favorite piece of equipment is the Reformer with Tower attachment. When I’m asked how many exercises you can do with it the answer is simply that the possibilities are only limited by my imagination. I most love the strength, focus and control that is required to do it well and that the benefits transition to other areas of the studio as well as to movement in life!

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