We’ve all got that friend.  The one who pays you or others compliments and admires those who are fit. The one who wishes they had the dedication or routine when it comes to fitness.
But they believe certain things about themselves that keep them from finding success. They have reasons “why not.”  Maybe you were that person at one point. Maybe you are today.  You or they look at gym-goers, especially those who are in great shape, and think…”I’ll never be that amazing.”
Here’s something to consider though…   EVERYONE is superior AND simultaneously inferior in every situation or interaction with other humans.  Let’s look at an example. Say I’m sitting with Oprah. We both own businesses, and I can clearly say that she is superior to me in that regard. Yet she is inferior to me when it comes to fitness and body.
We’re talking about a BILLIONAIRE being inferior, and I’m telling you this rule applies to everyone in every situation.  Having owned and worked in fitness for 25 years I can tell you that even the most successful and confident people struggle when they begin to feel inferior in a gym setting.  It prevents people from even getting started and from continuing if their experience isn’t just right.
So now picture that friend. Who is he or she? What are his or her struggles when it comes to fitness/body? And conversely, what are they truly amazing at?  Tell them what that thing is! Tell them you admire that quality in them and strive to be more like them in that regard.   Help them see that you got to where you are today in your fitness simply because you took a first step. Help them take that step.
Be their coach.  Not only are you going to make a huge impact on their day, but you could very literally change their life. Hold up the mirror to their greatness to give them the confidence to take action where they feel inferior.
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