“I don’t have time to exercise.”

“I’m too busy to fit anything else in.”

These are the top two reasons we hear at the studio as to why people are unwilling to start looking after their health and wellness.

“I’ll start on Monday.” but Monday comes and goes.


So, what is truly holding you back?  Why is making time so difficult?


I think one of the reasons we don’t make time is due to a myth of the fitness industry.  The myth that you need to do a certain intensity or amount of exercise for it to do any good.  But what if I told you that even the smallest change can create massive and lifelong impact.  What if you didn’t need to make room for an hour of exercise or self care per day and could start with just 5 minutes!

You heard me!  Just 5 minutes is all you need to start.  If you can’t even find 5 minutes then your health is simply not a priority for you.  That’s totally fine but be honest with yourself that this is the case.


What does 5 minutes a day give you?


It gives you time for yourself.

It gives you time to breathe and regroup.

It gives you time to move.

It gives you time to focus on what you need instead of the needs of everyone around you.


Let me give you an example:

If you spent 5 minutes per day doing some kind of exercise it would add up to 30 hours of exercise over a year.  If after a month you switched to 10 minutes a day (you’re feeling amazing with the 5 minutes) you would be up to 60 hours over a year.  Is that more than you are doing now?  If so, then this is progress and has huge benefits for your health!

If you gradually increase that to 5 minutes 3 times a day then you would be doing 90 hours of exercise/self care per year!


What could your 5 minutes look like?

5 minutes of walking around your house without stopping

5 minute walk outside

5 minute bike ride

5 minutes of Pilates

5 minutes of body weight exercises

5 minutes of deep breathing


Your 5 minutes can consist of anything that moves you toward your goal.


So here is my challenge to you.

Starting today (not next Monday!) take 5 minutes to move however you would like.  Do this every day for two weeks and see how you feel.  See if you can add a second 5 minutes.  It could even be at a different time of the day.  Perhaps 5 minutes in the morning and then another 5 minutes at night.  Do this for two weeks and see what changes you notice.  Continue to add another 5 minutes every few weeks when you’re ready.  If you’re up to 15 minutes a day and can only fit in 5 minutes one day then that’s great!  You were moving!!!


When we set our starting expectations for ourselves too high we often fall off the wagon and quit.  Small goals applied consistently are easier to accomplish and give us a win instead of feeling like a failure (which keeps us from trying again).  Be kind to yourself.  Start small and work up.  Listen to your body and gently coax it in the direction you want it to go.


Who’s up for the challenge?


Need additional help?  Let us know.  You can reach out to us anytime at http://tothecore.ca.


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