“Do I Need Supplements?”
People ask me this question all the time, and my answer is always this: You should try to eat high quality foods that will give you the nutrients your body needs. If you find gaps in your regular nutrition, supplementation is absolutely a good idea. But, you should never rely on supplements to be your primary source of good nutrition.
Because of the unfortunate quality of our foods today, I do think it’s a good idea for most people to take the following:
·     High quality multi-vitamin (not just anything off the shelf in Wal-Mart)
·     Omega 3s (NOT 3-6-9)
·     Protein Powder (HIGH quality, little to no carbs)
·     Greens Supplement (high quality, cold pressed)
But everyone’s needs are different, if you think you might be deficient in an area, let’s talk about it!
October 2018 - Image 4
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