Often people will comment that they can’t do Pilates because they have back pain or some other issue. My response is always that having any issue is a great reason to start Pilates – and right away!

Being proactive about movement and health are integral parts of Pilates. We teach you to listen to your body and modify exercises to suit you and your particular health issue. We teach you to breathe well which helps with the stress placed on the body when it’s in pain. We teach you to accept where your body is each day (because it changes) and to work with and listen to what your body is saying. It does speak to you if you’re willing to listen.

One of our clients (we’ll call her Jane – yes, I know, really creative,) came to us initially with back pain related to scoliosis. She’d tried many therapies and was finally directed to us. She was unsure of doing any exercise at all, scared of being in more pain, and generally wary of how we could help. (She had heard it all from every “expert” at this point.) We started with privates, modifications and a set of exercises to take home and practice daily. Almost immediately she noticed a difference! Jane quickly moved into classes while continuing her exercises at home and the improvements continued. Her pain almost completely disappeared and her life of mostly pain filled days turned into occasional flare ups she could control with exercise and a trip to the chiropractor or massage therapist. Not only was she taking control of her body, she was doing things she thought she’d never do again! Now she takes part in a body weight circuit with a higher intensity as well as continuing her Pilates mat practice and her exercises at home. Recently diagnosed with osteoporosis, she’s not at all defeated but again choosing to be proactive. As her trainers, we’re helping her through the process and working with her health care team to make sure she’s staying strong and mobile.

Jane isn’t alone. Our studio is full of amazing people with passionate stories of overcoming fear, pain, uncertainty and defeat. I’m proud to be a part of their journey. When they thank me I always remind them that I only provided the tools, they were the one dedicated to doing the work necessary to heal!

So when do you start? Give us a call, set up a consult and we’ll come up with an individualized plan just for you. Why wait when you can start feeling the benefits sooner rather than later?

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