Sunshine, restrictions lifting from a global pandemic, & fun…must be summer!
Are you excited?
Everybody loves the warm weather and freedom of summer. And this year, the season is even sweeter, after the long ordeal we’ve all been through.
So, if last summer was about restrictions, make this one about indulging in the freedom to:
·     Get fit;
·     Eat right;
·     And build the healthy lifestyle you want for every season of the year.
If you can take a vacation, even a brief one, then do it. Think how rejuvenating it is to get away and unplug for even a few days.
If you haven’t seen your family and friends, then make a point of catching up in person now. It’s good for the soul.
If you felt locked inside the house too much, then get outside every day and move your body.
If you let your gym attendance lapse (as many people did through the pandemic), then fire it back up now.
I don’t know about you, but I always get so much energy from the sun and the season. Something about it inspires me to want to enjoy healthier, fresher food, to celebrate my physical abilities more, and to just smile up at the sky in gratitude.
If you’re not quite ready yet, let’s talk about it. You deserve an awesome summer, and I’m here to help you get it.
Our summer schedule is coming out next week with lots of options for you to keep moving with us. We also have a 6, 7 or 8 week packages so you don’t have to miss classes while you are on vacation or at the lake. If you want some more information about the best options for you, send us a massage of give us a call!

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